This is the page of the Mobile Games Wiki where you can find help by editing and where you can find what you can do on the wiki.

Editing/Adding ArticlesEdit

When you're going to add an article always begin with this code at the top and fill in the gaps:

{{Infobox Game
|imagewidth= 100
|Age rating= 
|Release date(s)= 

If you don't know how this all works you can go to Template:Infobox Game or you can contact a local admin.

After that you can add information of the game, for example the store description or just a gallery to give an impression of the game.

At add the bottom of the page this template: {{Links}}.

Always add the right categories to the page: category of the game (for example racing, arcade, adventure etc.) and add the name of the developer (for example Kiloo).


If you want to talk with the community you can do that on the forum and in the chat. But you can also give your view of a game in the comments of the game or just go to the message wall of somebody to talk with him or her. Please remember to be always nice to each other.


Mobile Games Wiki is there also to "promote" the wikis about a mobile game. We for example have an option to add a link to the wiki about a game on the page about the game itself and you're allowed to write blog posts about the things which happens on your wiki, but remember we don't want you to write a blog post every day about your wiki here. We also try to have featured wikis on the home page and do many other things. Because of all this we would like it if you can promote us as well, so we can connect all mobile gamers of the world to each other and let them share what they know about the games they're playing.